Saturday, February 11, 2017

Now just 3 away from 500!

It's been a while.  Not quite 18 months like the time between the last 2 posts, but still 5 months.  I guess I'm running out of chips to collect.  Was in Vegas in January and while I didn't come home with any chips, it did send me to the web to get a handful I had been looking at.  13 to be exact, which brings my grand total up to 497.  Just 3 more to go to hit an even 500.  On to the newest 13:

1.  Scoreboard Sports Lounge and Casino - Spring Creek, NV.  Spring Creek is a suburb of Elko off I-80 on the way to Salt Lake City.  It's part of the Northern Star Casinos group which includes 2 casinos in Elko including one names El Capitan.  I kind of want a chip from there now.

2.  Palms - Las Vegas.  New house chip for the Palms.  Which is the home of Rain.  Not Mist.  I actually kind of like it, especially for the Palms.  They don't have the strongest looking collection of chips.

3.  Red Rock 10th Anniversary.  Congrats to the Red Rock on 10 years of taking people's money!

4.  Green Valley Ranch 15th Anniversary.  And congrats to the Green Valley Ranch on 15 years of taking people's money.  Man, I wish their TV show was still on the air.

5.  Lucky Dragon - Las Vegas.  I wish I had made it down to this one, as it's the first Strip casino built from the ground up since 2010.  It's by the City Center complex though and out of walking distance for the 50 hours or so I was in town.  Next time for sure.

6.  Aliante Casino - Las Vegas.  New house chip after being acquired by Boyd Gaming.  Pretty boring.  And very similar to:

7.  Cannery - Las Vegas.  Also a new house chip after being acquired by Boyd Gaming.  All the money was spent on acquisition, I guess.  Nothing left for chip design.

8.  and 9.  Caesars Palace Las Vegas 50th Anniversary Chips.  2 chips for this, one with a view of the casino as it looked in 1966 and one from 2016.  I still don't think this place, or palace if you will, is beeper friendly.  I'll have to check.

10.  Caesars - Lake Tahoe.  Very nice design by the folks in Tahoe as the red chip with black Caesars head looks really sharp.

11.  Tropicana - Laughlin.  Again, a really nice looking chip.  Take note Boyd Gaming!

12.  MGM - Prince George's County, Maryland.  Maryland's newest casino is an MGM property.  I believe the state now has 6.

13.  Nugget - Reno.  New house chip for the Nugget, which is actually in Sparks, not Reno.  But they are practically the same town.  And who has ever heard of Sparks?  At least people are familiar with the biggest little city in the world.  Reno fever, catch it!

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Long Time, No Blog

Looks like it's been almost 18 months since my last update.  Fear not, I have not neglected my chip collecting duties over that time.  In fact, I've collected almost one chip per two months gone without blogging.  I am now 8 chips closer to hitting the 500 mark, the new chips bring me just 16 shy.  Now it has been a while since I've gotten some of these chips, so a lot of the pertinent details I've forgotten, but I'll try my best.

1.  The Adventure of the Seas Casino on board a Royal Caribbean cruise ship.  I hope whomever was on this trip had a lovely time and visited some lovely places.

2.  Casesars Windsor.  The 4th "Detroit" casino, it's easily the most recognized structure of the Windsor skyline.

3.  Rivers Casino 5th Anniversary.  Just outside of Chicago.
4.  Rivers Casino.

5.  Hollywood Casino Kansas City.  This one is near the NASCAR track in KC.  Lots going on in KC these days.

6.  Plaza.  Downtown Las Vegas.  Stayed there in January when I visited.  You've been to Vegas too many times when you opt to stay downtown because you're bored with the Strip and "never stayed downtown before."
7.  Plaza Oscar Goodman.  Former Mayor of Las Vegas.  Read a great book about him - Of Rats and Men by John L. Smith.  No, not that John L. Smith.

8.  Casino del Mar - Puerto Rico.  I'm hoping this was from the same person as chip #1.  That would be a lovely trip.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Spring Break '15 Update

Got 6 new chips to add to the collection this April.

First - my parents brought back a chip from the Hard Rock in Tulsa.  This is actually the second chip from Tulsa they've brought me.  

Next are five chips from various Laughlin, Nevada casinos.  My aunt and uncle brought these back for me when they went out to northern Arizona to visit a different aunt and uncle of mine.  I have a small group of people scouring the nation for casino chips for me and their work is much appreciated!  The new Laughlin chips are:

1.  The Avi Resort & Casino.  Cool chip with a satanic owl on it.  I like it!
2.  The Pioneer Casino.
3.  The Edgewater Casino.
4.  The Aquarius Casino & Resort.  Their motto is fun in the sun.  I've not been to Laughlin in many many many years, but I think they have the sun part correct.  Not sure on the fun.
5.  Colorado Belle.  

Sunday, March 8, 2015

March Update

Six new chips to add to the blog, courtesy of my brother (@ATRoss14) and the internet.  They are:

1.  Soaring Eagle - Mt. Pleasant, MI - new house chip.  My brother stopped by the Eagle a few weeks ago and brought me back the new house chip.  I haven't been to Soaring Eagle in years, instead opting for Detroit and Battle Creek, but I'm sure nothing has changed.  Automatic shuffle machines, high table minimums, unfriendly staff and lots of smoke.  Put that on a billboard!

2.  The Mirage - Las Vegas - 25 Years.  The Mirage opened in the middle of the Las Vegas strip in 1989.  It helped kicked off the new era of modern, upscale Strip casinos.  I've always liked gambling there and once even saw Steve Lyons wandering around.

3.  Hard Rock - Las Vegas - Puma.  How could I not get a chip with a sweet pair of Puma kicks on it?

4.  Hard Rock - Las Vegas - Eminem.
5.  Hard Rock - Las Vegas - Hootie and the Blowfish (New Years Eve 1996).

Just your standard 'musician on a chip' chips.

6.  Riviera - Las Vegas - older house chip.  The Riviera Casino is set to close May 4 (just two days after the Kentucky Derby!).  So I went back and looked for some of their older house chips and found this one.  I've never stayed at the Riviera, I'm sure I've played a little there but really, I only remember that there was a Burger King in their Food Court.  And I never ate at their food court.

That brings my chip total up to 470.

Monday, November 24, 2014

November Update

11 new chips have been added to the collection since the last update.  They are:

1.  Blackbird Bend Casino - Iowa.  Just north of Omaha and on the other side of the Missouri River, I visited this casino on a work trip.  We ate at their less than stellar buffet for dinner one night.  One of the least busy casinos I've ever been in.  Even for Iowa standards.

2.  Isle Casino - Cape Girardeau, MO.  Another casino visited while on a work trip.  This one was pretty new and modern looking.  Not the easiest place to get to when you are just trying to make a quick stop on your way to the airport in St. Louis though.

3.  Horseshoe Casino - Cincinnati, OH.  The last of the four land-based casinos in Ohio to open (Ohio also has a handful of Racino's).

4.  Horseshoe Casino - Baltimore, MD.  Just opened in August of 2014, this is the 4th casino (with live table games) in Maryland.  A planned 5th is set to open in 2016.

5.  Rocky Gap Casino - Cumberland, MD.  Opened in early 2013, this was the 3rd casino in Maryland to open.  Guess I'll have to track down chips for the Hollywood Casino and Maryland Live! before too long.

6.  Linq - Las Vegas.  The Linq replaces the Quad, which was the Imperial Palace.  The name "The Quad" lasted for about 18 months, so the Linq has a low bar to clear.  We'll see if it's still in operation in June of 2016.

7. SLS - Las Vegas.  The SLS is the new Sahara, and opened in mid-2014.

8.  Cromwell - Las Vegas.  This replaces Bill's, which replaced the Barbary Coast.  The Coast is still one of my top 3 favorite places to gamble (along with the Monte Carlo and the Bellagio between 3am and 5am).

9. Westgate - Las Vegas.  The Westgate is the new LVH which was the new Las Vegas Hilton.  This name change happened in July 2014.  Westgate is known for being a time-share company, so it'll be interesting to see if the old Hilton shifts from casino/hotel to time share/casino.

10.  Grand Casino Romania.  Julie's Aunt Linda picked this one up for me while on a long boat cruise of the Danube.  This casino is located in the Marriott Hotel in Bucharest.  The front of the chip reads "10 Ron" which I think means it is worth roughly $3 in U.S. equivalency.  Hopefully, the exchange rate brings the value up as it would currently rank last amongst my chips for face value.

11.  Holland Casino.  Aunt Linda got this one for me on the same trip as the above.  But the Holland Casino was located inside the Shiphol-Airport, which seems really nice and convenient to me.  5 Euros makes it worth about $6.25, which places it as the second most valuable chip by face value, just behind my chips from London.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Maine, the return

I have now been to every casino in the great state of Maine.  All two of them.  Last year, I visited Oxford while on a work trip to Portland and visited the Oxford Casino.  This year, with time to kill, I made the two hour drive to the Hollywood Casino in Bangor.  Didn't play, as I wanted to leave enough time to visit Freeport, home of LL Bean, on the drive back (you can never have enough chinos), so I just got a chip, made a lap and took off.  But it looked pretty nice - and it seemed fairly busy for a Tuesday afternoon in Bangor.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Rhode Island

Picked up a new chip earlier this month when a work trip took me out east to Rhode Island.  Had about 6 hours to kill before heading to Worcester, so I found the Twin River Casino just outside the Providence Airport.  Since the Pawtucket Red Sox weren't in town, this was my best time-killing chance.  Walked in around 5pm on a Monday evening and the place was packed.  Not only packed, but $15 blackjack tables (and up!) were jammed.  It took me 20-30 minutes of wandering and waiting before getting on a table.  When I finally did, I did fairly well (two blackjacks and two double down wins in the first 4 hands will do that).  Afterwards, I had a couple of beers and dinner at a fairly nice sportsbar located on the second floor.  All in all - it was a really nice casino and I would definitely go back.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Another April Update

Busy month here at blog headquarters (live from DeWitt!) as I added another 4 chips to the collection.  My parents drove out to Tucson for a couple of weeks in March (joke's on them - there's still snow in the UP now that they've returned) to visit my Aunt and Uncle, past contributors to the blog.  The chips:

1.  Hard Rock - Tulsa.  My mom and dad got this one on their drive back, stopping here to hit the Toby Keith restaurant.  I've been past it a handful of times, but never during a time when I had an opportunity to run and grab a chip.  So I'll probably have hours of time to kill the next time I'm in Tulsa and no chip to collect.  Also, you've probably been in Tulsa and felt the locals there feel all high and mighty because they have a Toby Keith restaurant and the un-cultured town you live in does not.  Well Tulsans, cross Lansing off your list of places you are better than.  The Lansing Mall is getting a Toby Keith eatery as well.  Boom.

2.  Desert Diamond Casino - Tucson.  One of two Desert Diamond locations in Arizona, with the other being in Sahuarita.

3.  Casino of the Sun - Tucson.  Pretty cool looking chip, as the reverse side says "Casino Del Sol."  Which, if my variety packs of Mexican beer from Sam's Club has taught me anything, means Casino of the Sun.

4.  Gila River Casinos.   There are three properties under the Gila River name; Lone Butte, Vee Quiva and Wild Horse Pass.  There are no Mexican beers that I know of that contain Vee or Quiva in their names, so I have no idea what that stands for.